DK101 Clap Operated LED Bulb (9V)
Big LED bulb on & off by the sound of clap
130/- 180/-
DK102 Automatic Night Lamp with Three LED(9V)
LDR is used to sense the light & operate circuit
130/- 180/-
DK103 Smoke Alarm (9V)
Circuit will operates by the darkness of smoke
150/- 200/-
DK104 Electronic Harmonium(9V)
This ckt using 555 which produces 15 different music
150/- 200/-
DK105 24-LED Dancing light(9V)
This is a simple multi vibrator ckt using transistor
130/- 180/-
DK106 FM Transmitter(9V)
You can heard your voice on FM Rx using this ckt.
150/- 200/-
DK107 Fire Alarm(9V)
This ckt build around 555 used thermistor as sensor
130/- 180/-
DK108 25-Tune Musical Bell(3V)
This is a compact 25 Tune musical bell kit
150/- 200/-
DK109 Touch Sensitive Alarm (555)(9V)
CKT. Produces sound when anybody touch the sensor
130/- 180/-
DK110 Light Sensitive Alarm (9V)
Ckt uses 555 timer & LDR to detect light
130/- 180/-
DK111 Bi-color LED Display Board(4017+555)(9V)
This ckt flashes the same LED array as Red & Green
150/- 200/-
DK112 Knock Alarm (Vibration Alarm)(9V)
Ckt senses the vibration & gives alarm for preset time
150/- 200/-
DK113 Metal Detector with Micro Sensor(9V)
Ckt will sound when metal object comes near sensor
150/- 200/-
DK114 4-LED Water Level Alarm(4066)(9V)
level Ind. by LED & makes sound when reaches max
130/- 180/-
DK115 Door Opening Alarm(UM66)
When magnet & sensor goes far it will make sound
150/- 200/-
DK116 +5V/500mA Power Supply
This is simple rectifier ckt produces +5V output
100/- 250/-
Digital Timer with Indicator and Alarm(9V)
ckt. Produces sound when preset time is over.
150/- 200/-
DK118 Battery Level Monitor/Indicator

150/- 200/-
Dk119 Listening Bug(9V)

200/- 300/-
DK201 Clap switch with indicator (230VAC)
Simple electronic ckt. activated by clap sound
250/- 350/-
DK202 Touch switch with indicator (230VAC)
You can control bulb fan etc. by just touching sensor
250/- 350/-
DK203 Light/dark switch with indicator230VAC)
LDR sensor is used to control the relay output
250/- 350/-
DK204 Digital loop security system with display(9V)
Alarm is on when any loop break out of three
200/- 250/-
DK205 New two way intercom (Door phone)(9V)
Two set of ckt can talk each other with wire connect
350/- 500/-
DK206 Long range 3-stage FM transmitter(9V)
You can heard your voice on FM Rx using this ckt.
250/- 350/-
DK207 555 Timer (230VAC)
Relay out with time delay from few seconds to minute
250/- 350/-
Numeric water level display(9V)
Water level is display on 7 segment from 0 to 9
250/- 350/-
Number gassing game(9V)
Gauss any no. from 1 to 99 ckt will display same
350/- 450/-
DK210 Traffic light control system (9V)
Red, Yellow, Green LED blinks as per traffic rules
200/- 250/-
DK211 Digital water level indicator with alarm (9V)
7 segment display the first letter of Empty Half Full
250/-/- 300/-
DK212 Long range burglar alarm using LASER(9V)

250/- 300/-
DK213 Twilight using SCR(230VAC)
LDR is used to control SCR & output devices like
250/- 400/-
DK214 IR Remote LED bulb(9V)
Set of 6 LEDs can be on off by IR remote
200/- 300/-
DK215 Toggling touch switch(230VAC)
Relay is operated by just touching sensor wire
250/- 400/-
Dk216 Infrared Burglar alarm(9V)
When IR beam detects any obstacle buzzer sound
200/- 250/-
DK217 Automatic water level controller(230VAC)
Monitor both tank with three wire in each tank
350/- 500/-
DK218 Adjustable power supply using LM317(230VAC)
Variable Power source from 1.5V to 15V approximate
250/- 350/-
DK219 Two digit entry counter(9V)
Ckt count from 00 to 99 when shadow passes on LDR
200/- 250/-
DK220 Light dimmer/Fan speed control(230VAC)

200/- 350/-
DK301 Single Ch. IR remote control(230VAC)
Control any one home appliances through IR remote
300/- 450/-
DK302 Four Ch. Long range IR remote control(230VAC)
Four different home appliance can be control indiviua
900/- 1000/-
DK303 Eight Ch. IR Long range IR remote control(230V)
Eight different home appliance can be control indiviu
- -
DK304 Four Ch. Long range RF remote control(230VAC)
RF Tx & Rx is used to control four appliances
1200/- 1500/-
DK305 Eight Ch. IR Long range RF remote control(230V)
RF Tx & Rx is used to control eight appliances
1800/- 2500/-
Two digit IR entry counter (9V)
When IR beam cuts counter increment by 1 up to 99
300/- 400/-
DK307 Four digit infrared objects counter(9V)
When IR beam cuts counter increment by 1 upto 9999
600/- 750/-
DK308 LDR base object counter unto9999(9V)
LDR is used as sensor to count object passes in front
400/- 500/-
DK309 Four digit digital stop watch(9V)
Digital stop watch can measure up to 999 seconds
500/- 650/-
DK310 IR entry alarm with counter(9V)
Alarm sound when someone cuts the IR beam 9999
700/- 900/-
DK311 Bidirectional visitors counter(9V)
Two sensor for entry & exit door for counting person
950/- 1200/-
DK312 Telephone operated 8 CH. Remote switches(230V)
DTMF line is used to control eight relays
2500/- 3500/-
DK313 Automatic traffic light control system-4 way(9V)
R,Y,G LED is used to indicates the 4 road traffic
750/- 950/-
DK314 Multi channel HI-FI security system(9V)
IR,LDR ,Magnetic etc. sensor are used for security
950/- 1200/-
DK315 Stepper motor chopper driver(L297 & L298)
Speed, Direction & start stop function for stepper mot
1500/- 1750/-
DK316 LASER based communication system(9V)
Voice can be transmitted through LASER beam
450/- 650/-
DK317 Fiber optics Communication system
Optical cable is used to transmit audio signal
750/- 1000/-
DK318 IR Voice/Music transmitter system
IR beam is used to transmit audio signal like music
600/- 850/-
DK319 Infrared security system(9V)
When IR beam cuts alarm on for preset time
400/- 500/-
DK320 Moving massage display(230VAC)
1200/- 1600/-
DK401 PT100 Thermometer kit
Displays temp. on 31/2 LCD with PT100 as sensor. Can used as precise temp indicator. For Electrical engg.
900/- 1200/-
DK402 Digital alarm clock (0.5” display)
Table top clock with alarm output
550/- 800/-
DK403 Digital wall clock (3.5” LED display)
LED clock for hang on the wall type
950/- 1200/-
DK404 Temp. Controller with relay output
Transistor is used as sensor to display temp. Not very accurate as PT100 sensor. Gives relay output.
1000/- 1200/-
DK405 Ultrasonic movement/motion detector(9V)
Any movement in front of ultrasonic sensor on the buzzer. Used for door security & auto. Porch lighting.
800/- 1000/-
DK406 LPG/SMOKE detector circuit
Detect LPG or smoke and gives alarm & relay output. You can attach water pump with relay output.
850/- 1100/-
DK407 Digital fan speed control (using triac)
Two switches are used to control the fan speed digitally. Good project for Electrical engg.
1200/- 1500/-
DK408 Bi-Directional DC motor speed controller
Speed & direction can be control with a single pot of 12V DC motor. MOSFET are used for this.
900/- 1200/-
DK409 MOSFET base power inverter
Convert 12Vdc into 230Vac using this circuit. Best project for electrical engineering.
4500/- 5500/-
DK410 Programmable up/down counters
CKT count up & down with use of two sensor. It also gives output when reached at preset count .
1700/- 2200/-