Cartridge Heater 6mm For 3D Printer-12V/40W


The 12v 40W Ceramic Cartridge Heater is a powerful little beast of a heater. Get rid of fragile and poor tolerance enamel resistors and switch to a purpose made high power ceramic heater cartridge.

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Cartridge Heater 6mm For 3D Printer-12V/40W

Increases the reliability of extruder with this heater cartridge and also it heats up faster. It fits nicely in one’s extruders, hence is an easy replacement.


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Power: 40W
  • Wire length: 1m
  • Cartridge length: 2.3cm
  • Cartridge diameter: 6mm
Package Includes :

1 x 12v 40W Ceramic Cartridge Heater.

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