OpenPilot CC3D Flight Controller

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OpenPilot CC3D Flight Controller is a full functioned multicopter controller board developed by OpenPilot. This Flight controller board provides higher performance then the other Arduino based 8 bit flight controller boards as it uses 32 bit STM32 processor.

CC3D is not only used in multicopters but also in RC aircrafts and airplanes for stabilisation. It is possible to use this flight controller board in Drone type unmanned aircrafts like RC planes, tricopters, quadcopters and hexacopters as its 6 rotor outputs. You will be able to add external I2C sensors as the MainPort and FlexiPort connections on the PCB. It is possible to use this flight controller board with PWM, PPM, SBus and Spectrum/JR Satellite receivers.

OpenPilot CC3D Flight Controller

Technical Features:

  • Possibility to use as Tricopter, Quadcopter or Hexacopter supporting flight controller board.
  • Possibility to use as stabilisator board for RC aircrafts.
  • Powerful STM32 32-bit microcontroller running at 90 MIPs with 128KB Flash and 20 KB RAM
  • 3-axis Gyroscope array and 3-axis Accelerometer: MPU-6000
  • Direct high speed USB support with no drivers required, a truly plug and play device.
  • PWM (6 ch), PPM, SBus and Spectrum/JR Satellite receiver support
  • I2C sensor connection or FlexiPort supported UART telemetry
  • MainPort for UART telemetry
  • Dimensions: 36 mm x 36 mm, M3 mounting screw holes
  • Weight (only the PCB): 5.7 gr

Kit includes:

  • CC3D controller board
  • Plastic protection box
  • Receiver connection cable
  • 2 pcs cable for MainPort and FlexiPort connections

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