Solder Paste Injection-183C-RL-403-Relife


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Solder Paste Injection-183C-RL-403-Relife 10cc is  High quality Solder Paste Flux, RELIFE RL-403 Soldering Paste Tin Sn63/Pb37 20-38um For Phone motherboard BGA soldering repair. Lead solder paste, 183 ℃, the degree of melting point, easy welding, easy molding.


  • Model Number:RL-403
  • Particle Size:20-38μm
  • Item Name:Solder Paste Flux
  • Function:Soldering Assistant
  • Volume:10cc

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Solder Paste Injection-183C-RL-403-Relife

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