3D Printer J-Head E3D V6 Hotend Extruder Nozzle With 12V Fan & 1M PTFE


  1. Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  2. Voltage: 12V.
  3. Power: 40W.
  4. Feed diameter : For 1.75mm Filament
  5. Heater size : 6 x 15mm(DxL).
  6. E3D V6 Type for RepRap 3D Printer

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The J-Head E3D Hotend Nozzle has been redesigned from the ground up. E3D has invested a lot of time and used all of their experience to design E3D’s latest and greatest HotEnd. If you would like to know more about the design process.

Print the Widest Range of Materials Possible.

Building on their signature high-temperature performance that allows you to print high-temperature materials E3D has now focussed on adding increased functionality with soft and flexible filaments. By providing a PTFE liner tube through the hotend that you can extend into your extruder this gives the ability to add the confinement and constraint needed to make excellent quality prints with flexible filaments like NinjaFlex, FlexPLA, and FlexPolyester. This opens up a huge range of new opportunities for your printer.

High-Temperature Performance:

With no PEEK or PTFE in hot regions of the HotEnd, you can reach 300C with the supplied thermistor. By swapping a thermistor for a thermocouple (may require additional electronics) you can reach over 400C.

This not only allows you to print extremely high-temperature materials like Polycarbonate and Nylons but also eliminates HotEnd meltdown failures associated with PEEK/PTFE designs. Although the latest v6 hotend has a PTFE liner inside the hotend this liner is never subjected to high temperatures so there is no risk of damaging the liner through overheating.

The new Heater Block gives the fastest heat up times and the most responsive temperature control by clamping around the cartridge for maximum thermal contact. The new thermistor placement means you get the most accurate temperature readings with the fastest response. What this means for you the user is that you can go from 20 C to 200C in just 65 seconds, temperature control is responsive enough that you can keep the hotend within 0.5C of your set temperature or less with ease.

Reduced Bulk and Z-Height.

J-Head E3D Hotend Nozzle has focussed on cutting as much bulk from the E3Dv6 as possible. This means an overall length of just 62mm and significant reductions in bulk in the X/Y dimensions by using the new injection molded fan duct.

Easy No-Solder, No-Tape, No-Adhesive assembly, and maintenance.

E3D has eliminated Kapton tape or any other adhesives from the assembly process of v6. The new thermistor simply clamps into place with a small screw, high-temperature glass sleeving is used to insulate the thermistor legs. This makes installing or removing the thermistor a quick and clean process compared to previous methods involving fiddly Kapton taping. No soldering is needed as we supply solder free ferrules for making heat-resistant, quick and easy electrical connections to the thermistor legs. Most parts of the hotend simply screw together, the new fan duct simply clips into place and can be oriented in many different directions to suit your particular setup.

High-Quality Printing.

E3D v6 has kept their acerb thermal transition that gives the high-quality printing performance users have come to expect from E3D hot-ends. An acerb thermal break gives better control over filament output so you get the more immediate start and stops when extruding as well as retracts that are more effective in combatting ooze. For the user this means sharper more accurate prints that have less stringing, oozing or blobs on the prints.

Adaptable To Suit Your Needs.

E3D’s range of nozzle sizes gives you more opportunity to choose how you want to print. While the default 0.4mm nozzle gives great prints with a good balance of speed. Also ease and resolution we are offering a range of nozzle that has special geometries that are tailored to the specific needs of how you want to print. The shape of the tip of the nozzle is key to how the hotend extrudes and flattens a track of plastic. By matching the size of the tip of the nozzle to the width of the track of plastic you are able to print with increase resolution in smaller nozzle size. also with the larger nozzles, the geometry has been customizing so that you can easily lay down large layers for fast strong prints. Nozzles are easily and quickly change out because of their hexagonal shape.

Easy Mounting and Community Support.

J-Head E3D Hotend Nozzle has kept the same 16 mm Groove Mount dimensions from v5 to ensure that as much compatibility is maintained as possible with the extensive range of community designed mounts.

This has an active user base on many printer forums, including RepRap Forums, Google+, SeeMeCNC, Solidoodle, Ultimaker and many others. E3D also maintain an own E3D v6 Forum where many people share and collaborate on the clever solution for mounting on a various printer.

Great Appearance.

With the CNC machined parts, the injection molded translucent blue fan duct, neat thermistor mounting with matching blue sleeving E3D has made a really great looking product. Look matter, and not only will your print be the envy of your maker friend, your printer will look great while printing too

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