LED Water Level Indicator DIY Kit

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This LED water level indicator kit display the water level in four step. when reaches at top LED it also sound the buzzer to indicate the tank is full.

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This LED Water Level Indicator DIY Kit project is used to display the information about the level of the water tank by using LED lights. This project mainly uses IC CD4066 . This circuit is built with four LEDs. When the water level is at ¼ of the tank, then LED1 glows. When the water level is ½ of the tank, then LED2 glows. When the water level is at ¾ of the tank or the water level is full, then the LED4 glows & buzzer also sound.

LED Water Level Indicator  kit(DIY) using following main parts

  • CD4066 with Socket
  • BC548 Transistor
  • Resistor-9Pcs
  • 5MM  LED-4Pcs
  • Buzzer
  • Battery Connector
  • Soldering Required

Package :-

  • 1X LED Water Level Indicator kit parts
  • 1X Manual with ckt diagram,Part list
  • Battery not included

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