Unless otherwise explicitly agreed in writing, the conditions as set out below apply to each and every transaction for the sale of goods and materials and/or design services by DELTAKIT to a purchaser of Goods and/or Services.

These conditions shall apply to all orders placed with DELTAKIT by the purchaser. Acceptance by DELTAKIT of any order is conditional upon acceptance by the Purchaser of these conditions which shall override all other terms and conditions inconsistent herewith, whether expressed, implied or otherwise including terms, conditions or stipulations contained in the Purchaser’s purchase order or other form of writing or otherwise stipulated by the Purchaser and with are at variance with or additional to these conditions. The same shall not be binding upon DELTAKIT unless specifically accepted and signed by DELTAKIT.

  • Risk of loss due to damage or destruction of DELTA KIT Products shall be the responsibility of the Purchaser after delivery to the carrier for shipment. DELTA KIT will select the shipper unless Purchaser requests a reasonable alternative. All orders are subject to acceptance By DELTA KIT.
  • Purchaser shall not, at any time, directly or indirectly, use any intellectual Property of DELTA KIT or engage or attempt to engage or assist any other Person to use any intellectual Property of DELTA KIT. Purchaser specifically undertakes and agrees that Purchaser shall not (and shall ensure that its Affiliates do not), reverse engineer, adapt, or modify the Products, the Spares or any parts thereof or their components, or make any attempts to do so whether for its own benefit or that of any third party, or assist any third party in doing the same, and hereby expressly waives any rights that it may have under applicable law in this regard.
  • It is agreed and understood that all right, title and interest in and to the Trademarks are and shall at all times remain the exclusive property of DELTA KITS.
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