LCD O-LED (Liquid Crystal Display) is a type of flat panel display which uses liquid crystals in its primary form of operation.

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0.91" I2C/IIC Serial 4-Pin OLED Display Module

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  • Size: 0.91 inch
  • Resolution: 128 x 32
  • Controlling Chip: SSD1306
  • Driving Voltage: 3-5V
  • Interface Type: IIC

1.3 Inch I2C/ IIC OLED 4 pin LCD Module 4pin-Blue

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  • Display colour: Yellow & Blue
  • Driver IC: SH1106
  • Fully Compatible with Arduino

1.8" TFT LCD Module 128 x 160 With 4 I/O

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  • Display Size: 1.8″
  • Driver IC: ST7735
  • Input Voltage (V): 3.3 to 5
  • Touch : No
  • Interface Type: SPI

16x2 LCD Green Display

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16*2  LCD module green (16 Characters on 2 lines) is with Black font and Yellow Backlight.

I2C 1602 Serial LCD Module Display For Arduino UNO-MEGA

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IC/I2C Interface Adapter Module is used for 16×2 LCD Display.It uses the PCF8574T IC chip which converts I2C serial data to parallel data for the LCD display.Also this interface module simplifies connecting an Arduino to a 16×2 Liquid Crystal display using only 4 wires.

I2C 2004 Serial LCD Module Display For Arduino UNO-MEGA

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This is another great blue backlight LCD display. As the pin resources of Arduino controller is limited, your project may be not able to use normal LCD shield after connected with a certain quantity of sensors or SD card. However, with this I2C interface LCD module, you will be able to realize data display via only 2 wires. This LCD module actually cost no more resources at all. It is fantastic for Arduino based project.

Nokia 5110 LCD Display Module With Blue Backlit For Arduino

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The module is based on Nokia 5110 which is a basic graphic LCD screen for lots of applications. It is suitable for Arduino motherboard to display real time clock, CPU memory, temperature and humidity, and its backlight can help you to read the screen clearly in the dark environment.
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