15L High Flow 555 Vaccum Pump, Air Pump, Oxygen Pump, Fish Tank Folding

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15L High Flow 555 Vacuum Pump, Air Pump, Oxygen Pump, Fish Tank Folding It is used in many areas: for gasification and degassing of water, in the food industry for the preservation of properties (preservation), in medical devices, devices for water treatment, etc.

This DC 12V 15 L/Min 555 Vacuum Air Pump can be used as a Suction And Oxygen Increase Pump For Fish Tank And Air Compressor Separator Ect and multipurpose uses.

The main parameters of this pump are the air section vacuum pump, for oxygen, air etc. If used for aeration of aquariums, it is not suitable for long-term uninterrupted work!

Rated voltage: DC12V (The motor model is 555, so use at least 2A of current! If you use 6V, it must be 2A or more. It is recommended to use the battery.

Micro-pumps are small and compact, and the working medium is gaseous. The main uses include micro-negative pressure pumps, miniature vacuum pumps, micro-gas circulation pumps, wrist-type electronic sphygmomanometer pumps, micro-pumps, micro gas sampling pumps, micro-inflating pumps, miniatures. A suction pump, micro pumping pump, etc. According to the principle of work is divided into diaphragm type.


Air compressors, separators, mobile phone screens, etc. In fitness massage equipment and electronic home appliance products, suction, suction, and laboratory use. The new miniature air pump is also used in the vacuum pumping unit.

Features :

  • Inflation Time: <6 seconds (from 0 to 300 mmHg in a 1000CC closed container)
  • Minimum pressure: >400 mmHg (53.33KPa)
  • Hermeticity: <5mmHg (from 1000mmHg in 1000CC container min), airtight only for inflation
  • Use fluid: gas (emergency can also be used as a pump!)
  • Outlet size: use pagoda structure, the minimum 6mm, the maximum 8mm, mouth length 12mm;
  • Inlet nozzle size: around the structure, diameter 6.5mm, mouth length 10mm;
  • Can be used with our silicone tube 5*8mm or PU tube 5*8mm (use an internal diameter of 6mm can also be).

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 15L High Flow 555 Vaccum Pump

Note : Color may change as per availability Blue or White

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