35.5Kg High Torque Digital Metal Gear Servo

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35.5Kg High Torque Waterproof Digital Metal Gear Servo provides 35.5kg torque at 7.4Vdc & 28.5.5kg at 6.0Vdc.

  • Brown/Black = Negative
  • Red = Positive
  • Orange/White = Signal


Weight 67g ± 1g
Size 55*20*43mm
Control System (+)Pulse Width Control 1500usec Neutral
Operating Voltage 6.0~7.4Volts
Operating Temperature Range (-)10 to +50 degree C
Operating Speed (6.0V) 0.238sec/60° at no load
Operating Speed (7.4V) 0.192sec/60° at no load
Stall Torque (6.0V) 28.5kg.cm
Stall Torque (7.4V) 35.5kg.cm
Operating Angle 45deg.one side pulse traveling 500 usec
Direction Anticlockwise/Pulse Traveling 1000~2000usec
Current Drain (6.0V) 20mA/idle and 100mA no load operating
Current Drain (7.4V) 20mA/idle and 150mA no load operating
Stall Current 2.5A/2.8A
Dead Band Width 4usec
Bearing Type Dual ball bearing
Horn gear spline 25T
Gear Type Metal
Connector Wire Length 300mm±5mm

Package Included:

  • 1 X 35.5Kg High Torque Digital Metal Gear Servo

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