EM18 RFID Reader Module For Arduino

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This module directly connects to any microcontroller UART or through an RS-232 converter to PC.It gives UART/Wiegand26 output. This RFID Reader Module works with any 125 KHz RFID tags

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EM18 RFID Reader module is one of the commonly used module for Radio Frequency Identification Projects. EM18 RFID Reader Module can be directly interfaced with a microcontroller using UART communication and with a PC using a RS232 converter. EM18 RFID Reader Module can work with any 125KHz RFID tags and it can provide UART / Wiegand26 output formats. Pitch of output pins are 2.54mm, thus it can be directly inserted to a breadboard for project developing.

The EM-18 RFID Reader module generates and radiates RF Carrier Signals of frequency 125KHz through its coils. When a 125KHz Passive RFID Tag (have no battery) is brought in to this field, will get energized from it. These RFID Tags are usually made using a CMOS IC EM4102. It gets enough power and master clock for its operations from the electromagnetic fields produced by RFID Reader

  • Supply Voltage : 5V
  • Operating Frequency : 125KHz
  • Read Distance : 5cm-10cm
  • Current Rating : < 50mA
  • Pin Description

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