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AC Synchronous Motor (59TYD-375-2B)-20RPM-220Vac-13W

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AC Synchronous Motor (59TYD-375-2B)-20RPM-220Vac-13W

  • Voltage:  230VAC
  • Power: 13W
  • Speed:  20 RPM
  • Dimension: 59mm Dia.
  • Direction of Rotation: CW, CCW
  • Application: House electric appliances

AC Synchronous Motor (59TYD-375-2B)-30RPM-220Vac-13W
AC Synchronous Motor (59TYD-375-2B) for Oven

Package Includes :

1 x AC Synchronous Motor (59TYD-375-2B)-20RPM-220Vac-13W

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