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ATmega/ATtiny 51 AVR ISP USBASP USB Programmer


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ATmega/ATtiny 51 AVR ISP USBASP USB Programmer is a USB in-circuit programmer for Atmel AVR controllers. It simply consists of an ATMega8 and a couple of passive components. The programmer uses a firmware-only USB driver, no special USB controller is needed, and that make it low cost USB programmer.

The AVR ISP USB Programmer works on USB port and can be used with Laptops. Software is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. High speed programming and does’t require external power.

  • Power and status LEDs
  • USB port power supply
  • On-board short circuit, over-current protection
  • Ability to power target board (5V/3.3V)
  • Supports S51 and the AVR chips
  • Fast and stable Standard IDC 10PIN interface
Supported chips:
51 Series: AT89S51、AT89S52、、AT89S53、AT89S8252
AVR Series:
ATTiny12(L)、ATTiny13(V)、ATTiny15(L)、ATTiny24(V)、ATTiny25(V)、ATTiny26(L)、ATTiny2313(V)、ATTiny44(V)、ATTiny45(V)、ATTiny84(V)、ATTiny85(V)、AT90S2313(L)、AT90S2323(L)、AT90S2343(L)、AT90S1200(L)、AT90S8515(L)、AT90S8535(L)、ATMEGA48(V)、ATMEGA8(L)、ATMEGA88(V)、ATMEGA8515(L)、ATMEGA8535(L)、ATMEGA16(L)、ATMEGA162(V)、ATMEGA163(L)、ATMEGA164(V)、ATMEGA165(V)、ATMEGA168(V)、ATMEGA169(V)、ATMEGA169P(V)、ATMEGA32(L)、ATMEGA324(V)、ATMEGA325(V)、ATMEGA3250(V)、ATMEGA329(V)、ATMEGA3290(V)、ATMEGA64(L)、ATMEGA640(V)、ATMEGA644(V)、ATMEGA645(V)、ATMEGA6450(V)、ATMEGA649(V)、ATMEGA6490(V)、ATMEGA128(L)、ATMEGA1280(V)、ATMEGA1281(V)、ATMEGA2560(V)、ATMEGA2561(V)、AT90CAN32、AT90CAN64、AT90CAN128、AT90PWM2(B)、AT90PWM3(B) etc

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