Johnson Geared Side-Shaft Motor 60RPM


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Johnson Geared Side-Shaft Motor 60RPM is a very high torque motor which should be used to make big robots or robotized platform.Gear box is built to handle the stall torque produced by the motor. Shaft has a metal bushing for wear resistance.

  • •60 RPM 12V DC Motor With Gear Box.
  • •18000 RPM base motor
  • •Shaft : 6mm
  • •Gearbox diameter : 37 mm.
  • .Motor Diameter : 28.5 mm
  • •Length : 63 mm without shaft
  • •Shaft length : 15mm
  • •Weight : 300 gm
  • •Torque :30kgcm
  • •No-load current = 800 mA(Max), Load current = upto 9.5 A(Max)
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1 x Johnson Geared Side-Shaft Motor 60RPM

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