NEMA34 46kg-cm Hybrid Stepper Motor

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NEMA34 46kg-cm Stepper Motor is used in building a large CNC Mill, CNC Lathe or a CNC Router etc. then you are at right place. This Bipolar NEMA34 46 kg-cm Hybrid Stepper Motor is your perfect choice. So the most attractive thing about this monster NEMA stepper motor is 46 kg-cm torque they provide.

This Motor provides excellent response to starting, stopping and reversing pulses from stepper motor driver. It will give you 46kg-cm of torque at 4A of current per phase. You can use them where you need high torque at high speed.

This NEMA34 46kg-cm Stepper Motor Stepper Motor is a powerhouse when it comes to larger machines that require high torques. These are specially designed to withstand high torque requirements of large CNC machines.

The NEMA34 46kg-cm Hybrid Stepper Motor is a brushless dc motor which operates in Open Loop Control system. The motor shaft is customized and has a shape of 94-UP Mustang V. This type of shaft is useful in providing stability in high power operation.

We are engaged in supplying and wholesaling a quality approved collection of the Stepper Motors which are highly acknowledged and accepted for long service life and high reliability. To explore more of them click below, 

Note :

  • The NEMA34 46 kg-cm Hybrid Stepper Motor dimensions and weight may have  ±2% error.
  • Resonances can occur because of improper installment.
  • 6 wire Stepper motors can also be used as 4 wire stepper motor, you can refer the attached video for your reference.

Features :

  • It can be operated at exceptionally high speeds.
  • Comparably more powerful than NEMA17 and NEMA34 motors.
  • They are high torque stepper motors.
  • Input pulse decides the rotation angle of the motor.
  • High accuracy of around 3 to 5% a step.
  • Provides good starting, stopping and reversing.

Package includes :

  • 1 x NEMA34 46kg-cm Hybrid Stepper Motor

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