PWM Speed Controller Module-DC 5V To DC 35V 5A 90W

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PWM Speed Controller Module-DC 5V To DC 35V 5A 90W
Mini wide voltage DC motor governor, using the latest low voltage drive technology, suitable for voltage wide DC3-35V (3-9V input needs to be shorted), with self-recovery fuse, also suitable for LED dimming.
  • Operating voltage: DC3V-35V
  • Output current: 0-5A
  • Output power: 90W (max)
  • PWM duty cycle: 1% -100%
  • PWM frequency: 10 khz
  • Size: 30mm x 24mm x 15mm (Without Handle)
  • DC motor governor input is DC, can not directly connected to the AC (for example: home 220V AC), otherwise it will burn!
  • DC power supply positive and negative terminals do not reverse, otherwise the governor may be damaged.
  •  The motor can be positive or negative, when the direction of operation and expectations do not match, you can adjust the line order to change the direction.
  • Adjust the potentiometer knob to change the governor output duty cycle, the motor speed changes.
Package Included:
1 x PWM DC Motor Speed Controller

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