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ISD1760 Voice Recording Playback Module

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  • Onboard ISD1760 chips
  • Onboard microphones, can be directly recorded
  • 75 seconds of audio playback
  • Interface:SPI
  • Recording, erase, broadcast, FT is direct, fast forward, reset, volume.
  • Chip has lead to the main pin, can be operated by single chip microcomputer control
  • High quality natural voice reduction, can be used as a propaganda machine module

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The ISD1760 Voice Recording Playback module is a simple and practical circuit board designed to quickly familiarize with and master the ISD1700 series chips. It is suitable for the full range of ISD1700 chips, with simple operation and complete functions. The ISD1700 series of recording and playback chips is a highly integrated, high performance chip.

The ISD1760 Voice Recording Playback Module also has a new recording reminder function. When there is a new recording, the LED flashes once every few seconds to prompt the user to have a new recording. There are also 4 sound effects to remind the user of the results of the operation, such as start recording, stop recording, erasing, next song and all erasure. The recorded data is stored in the FLASH of the chip, without any compression, so it has better sound quality and power-off storage.

The chip has two independent voice signal input channels, microphone input and analog signal input. In the independent button mode, when a function is completed, the chip will automatically enter the power-down mode to reduce power consumption. In SPI mode, the user can perform more functions on the chip. For recording and playback of any storage address, read and write the Analog Path Configuration Register (APC).

  • Suitable for the full range of ISD1700 chips
  • It can record in multiple stages, the sampling rate can be adjusted from 4K to 12K, and the power supply range can be between 2.4V and 5.5V.
  •  It has two independent voice signal input channels, microphone input and analog signal input
  • Power: 5V
  • Recording time: 75 seconds
  • Interface:SPI
  • Working Frequency:6KHZ working frequency and chip select 8KHZ
  • Powered Indicator light, chip indicator light
  • Simple operation, no need for single-chip or other modules can work directly
  • Chip control pin has been led out, convenient control connection
  • Size: 5.2cmx5.5cm
 How To Operate ISD1760 Module Independently:

1.Recording REC:

Press and hold the REC button, and the LED will light up. At this point, speaking to the MIC, the content will be recorded in the ISD1700 voice chip.
After recording a paragraph, the LED will be turned off at the same time. Press again to start recording the second segment. The subsequent segments will be operated in sequence.

2.Playback PLAY:

There are two ways, edge trigger and level trigger. (Note: After recording the sound, the playback pointer will stay at the start address of the last recorded segment, at this time the playback will put the last segment)
Edge trigger: Click the PLAY button to put the current segment, play The LED flashes during the period until it stops at the end of playback. After the playback ends, the playback pointer points to the start address of the segment just placed, and once again press the PLAY button to place the segment just finished.
Level trigger: Press the PLAY button frequently to play all the voice messages, and cycle until the button is released.

3.Fast forward FWD:

Before performing the playback operation, click this button and the playback pointer will point to the next segment. Press twice to point to the second segment after the segment. Click this button during playback to stop playing the current segment and then play the next segment. If the current segment is currently playing, stop playing the last segment and play the first segment.

4. Erase ERASE:

A single-segment erase operation can only be valid for the first and last segments. When the playback pointer is in the first or last segment, clicking this button erases the first or last segment. The playback pointer will jump to the second or second-to-last segment before erasure. Press this button for more than 3 seconds to enter the “all erase operation mode”, and the LED light flashes twice. Continue to press this button. The LED flashes 7 times and then goes off. At this time, release the button and the voice information in the chip is Erase all.
5. Reset RESET:

Click this button to perform a reset operation. After reset, both the playback and recording pointers point to the last segment, ie the playback pointer points to the beginning of the last segment, and the recording pointer points to the end of the last segment. At this time, the last segment is played while the playback is performed, and the last segment is started after the last recording.

 6. Tuning VOL:

Click this button to adjust the size of the chip output sound. The default output of the chip is the maximum value of the sound. Press once every time and the sound is attenuated by 4db. After the sound is at a minimum, continue to press this button, and each click will increase the sound by 4db (Note: after the reset is performed, the sound output is maximum).

7. FT pass-through operation: 

Short-circuit the FT pin to GND and keep it low to initiate the pass-through mode. The pass-through operation will direct the voice from the Anal terminal to the speaker or AUD output. During recording, if FT is pressed, the voice signal entered by Anal will be recorded at the same time.

  • Voice recording and Playback
Package Includes:
  • 1 x ISD1760 Voice Recording Playback Module

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